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Steam & Mobile Launch + Squads!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The wait is finally (almost) over! You've been able to play Rocket Bot Royale on the web for a while now, but the Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game are set to launch later THIS WEEK, on Thursday April 21, 2022.

We're still very busy improving the game, getting it ready for a larger audience, and we're hoping it was worth the wait!

Additionally, we have been working hard on the newest gameplay mode: SQUADS!

Teaming up and playing RBR with your friends is the most requested feature from our community, so we wanted to get in in the game asap! When the update comes through, you'll be able to Squad Up with up to 3 other friends and work together to eliminate the other teams on the island. Earn points based on your personal performance as well as your Squad's final rank.

We can't wait for Steam and mobile players to join the battle, and remember, Rocket Bot Royale is cross-play compatible, meaning everyone plays together no mater the device, and you can also switch devices on the fly to access your account wherever you play!

Join the growing community on Discord, and wishlist RBR on Steam to know the second it's available.

Cheers for now!

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