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Rocket Bot Royale Dev Update

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Hello again! Time seems to be flying by at record speeds, but we have been very busy since our last update. We've been experimenting with POWERUPS, and have added 4 NEW ones to the game. We are still balancing them, and their functionality may change slightly, but we are pretty happy with how they are feeling.

GRENADES - Launches 6 bouncy mini-bombs that detonate shortly after colliding with something

HOMING MISSILE - Once airborne, will lock on to the closest enemy in range, and steer itself towards it.

FLAK CANNON - Blasts 5 short range rockets in a spread formation. Great for blocking incoming fire power.

DRILL SHOT - Send explosive charges INTO the terrain to blast a quick tunnel, damaging anyone trying to take cover.

New Homing Missiles are deadly, but their turning radius keeps them at bay sometimes!

We've also experimented with a new game mode called Red vs Blue, where players are randomly divided into 2 coloured teams before launching onto the island. Both teams have real players as well as BOTs working together to eliminate the other team. We will definitely be tuning this new mode and will decide how to best handle point distribution, team dynamics etc. Our beta players seemed to enjoy the change of pace. Jump in and see if you agree!

Red vs Blue mode on the new Winter level.

Remember, you can WISHLIST the game on Steam NOW! We are aiming for Early Access launch in April, so hit that wishlist button so you don't miss it. It helps get the word out, and that means more players to destroy and more loot to collect!

Join our Discord to chat with us and the rest of the community! We typically all jump into the game together on Fridays to try out the newest builds and have some laughs. Get in while we're sill in Beta to earn the BetaBot role, and a bunch of in-game swag for supporting us in these early stages!

More updates coming soon!

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