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Jordan is the previous CEO and co-founder of Noodlecake Studios Inc (2011-2020).  Known for somewhat being a 'jack-of-all-trades', he was born and raised in Saskatoon and holds a B.Sc honours in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan.  Prior to Noodlecake Jordan worked as a programmer analyst and systems analyst at various technology firms in Saskatoon before taking a big plunge into the mobile gaming industry.  As well as managing 6 major game developments at Noodlecake, Jordan also spear-headed the creation of a publishing division responsible for the publication of over 200 titles on various gaming platforms.  Jordan led the development of all key projects at Noodlecake Studios during his tenure as CEO.  In 2017 Jordan managed and guided the sale of the bootstrapped studio to an exit just shy of 8 figures.  He's looking forward to the next big challenge at Winterpixel Games, and is currently focussed on building scalable multiplayer gaming platforms based on the godot and agones open source projects. 




Ty is the previous Art Director and co-founder of Noodlecake Studios Inc (2011-2020).  Ty is local talent raised in Saskatchewan in the town of Christopher Lake.  He holds a B.Sc in Art from the University of Saskatchewan and has been involved in various graphic artist roles in Saskatoon before co-founding Noodlecake Studios in 2011.  Ty was the lead artist and game designer for all of Noodlecake’s first-party products over the past 10 years.  Those products include various titles that received awards such as Apple’s Editor’s Choice, and one of Apple’s Best Mobile Games of 2013.  Ty’s work on the Super Stickman Golf ™ franchise has resulted in over 250 unique and challenging courses, whose levels have been played across the globe over 2 billion times.  Ty's currently knee deep in design concepts and prototyping Winterpixel's upcoming titles.




Before working on Golf Blitz with Jordan and Ty, Jason helped bring dozens of mobile titles to life with Noodlecake's publishing team. In 2019 Jason joined Jordan and Ty in working on Golf Blitz. Prior to joining Winterpixel, Jason was the lead developer for a VR company where he architected a procedural guidance system for the healthcare industry. Known for deep focus, Jason is a master bug squasher.

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