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Launch Trailer and CrazyGames!

Rocket Bot is out of BETA, and has been launched on our web partner CrazyGames! Here's a shiny new trailer to celebrate!

We've been super excited to see so many new players jumping in, and we're seeing more every day! The matches have been fast and frantic, and we've learned a lot about what's fun and what isn't working as well as we'd hoped. We are constantly tweaking and improving, and want to thank all of our Beta Testers who have played, given suggestions, reported bugs and have been a part of our growing community from the beginning!

All the "Beta Bots" as they're known by on Discord all received an exclusive tank, and may see their usernames have been adopted by some of the mysterious enemy bots that populate the islands.

The Steam and Mobile versions are still planned for a mid-April launch, and we are excited to see the competition ramp up as new players discover the game. If you haven't already, visit the steam page and click the Wishlist button to help raise awareness, and to be notified when it's available. Players will generally have a smoother experience when playing the Steam or Mobile versions, but the game is cross platform, and you can easily use your account on the device of your choice.

That's it for this quick update, but we'll be ramping up as we approach full launch in a few weeks!


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