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Rocket Bot Royale


  • Website:

  • Developer: Winterpixel Games Inc.

  • Press Contact: press [at] winterpixel [dot] com

  • Game State: Soft Launch on web

  • Genre: Arcade/Action/Strategy/Battle Royale

  • Mode: 35 player Battle Royale

  • Release Date: April 21, 2022

  • Price: Free

  • Availability: Digital Download, Browser

  • Shops: Crazygames, Steam, App Store, Google Play

  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & Browser

  • File Size: ~90MB download(may increase during development period)

  • Languages: English, currently working on community-driven translations (more updates soon)

  • Perspective: Side View, 2D World

  • Technical: Godot & Custom C++ Backend

  • Trailer: Youtube

  • Development started: August 2020

  • ESRB/Similar Ratings: Not rated


Winterpixel Website







Steam Page 

Google Play (Contact for beta access)

Apple App Store (Contact for TestFlight access)



Gear Up for a unique, new Battle Royale experience!

Welcome to ROCKET BOT ROYALE, a fun new take on the online battle royale formula!

A frantic online Battle Royale set on a destructible, sinking Island. Fire rockets from your custom robo-tank to eliminate the competition using advanced tactics and powerful weapons.

Powerful, wall-climbing, rocket-jumping, artillery-pumping Robo-Tanks are the vehicle of choice in this fast-paced shootout, where the goal is to survive longer than the competition. Collect the loot to upgrade your arsenal, tunnel into the terrain to take cover and collect buried treasure, and avoid the rising water levels to be the BLAST ONE STANDING!

Compete on the global leaderboards to earn bragging rights and prestigious awards, or just play with friends for bragging rights!

Key Features


  • Fast-paced Arcade action

  • Seasonal content updates including new game modes

  • Up to 35 live players in each match

  • Cross-platform play

  • Custom Matches with friends

  • Daily and Seasonal Goals with Rewards

  • Unlockable Customization for your Bot

  • Upgradeable Weapons and Perks

  • Globally Ranked Tiered Leaderboards

  • Custom Tank skins designed by our top players



WINTERPIXEL GAMES is a studio founded by 3 industry veteran game developers determined to bring people together through online gaming.

Being the original founders of the game studio and publisher Noodlecake Studios, we're drawing on over a decade of experience at building casual online multiplayer games for web and mobile(Super Stickman Golf series and Golf Blitz).  Our games at Winterpixel are built on open source projects such as godot, agones, and nakama

If there is one thing for certain in this world, it's that gamedev is hard.  Even more so when you throw in game networking & online competition into the equation.  But at the end of the day it's just a ton of fun when you can play your friends online, and these are exactly the kinds of experiences we're building at Winterpixel.



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