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  • Website:

  • Developer: Winterpixel Games Inc.

  • Press Contact: press [at] winterpixel [dot] com

  • Game State: Soft Launch on web

  • Genre: 2D Platformer/Racing/Battle Royale

  • Mode: 32 player Race Royale

  • Release Date: November 2023

  • Price: Free

  • Availability: Digital Download, Browser

  • Shops: Crazygames, Steam, App Store, Google Play

  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & Browser

  • Languages: English, currently working on community-driven translations (more updates soon)

  • Perspective: Side View, 2D World

  • Technical: Godot & Custom C++ Backend

  • Trailer: Youtube

  • Development started: August 2022

  • ESRB/Similar Ratings: Not rated


Winterpixel Website







Steam Page 

Google Play 

Apple App Store




Welcome to Goober Dash, the ultimate multiplayer race royale experience! Play as adorable, customizable characters known as Goobers and get ready to run, jump and dash your way to victory!


Dash to outmaneuver your opponents, smash through obstacles, or take down rivals in this action-packed race to the finish line!

Customize your Goobers with exclusive skins, emotes, and celebrations to unlock, making every match a unique and fun experience. Get ready to dash, create, and conquer in Goober Dash – the battle royale platformer that's as creative as it is competitive!

With our full-featured level creator/editor, you can design your own challenging battlegrounds, then invite your friends for epic showdowns. The best part? Your created levels might just make it into the main game for everyone to enjoy!

Compete for glory in the time trials mode, where global best times leaderboards await. Prove your skills and climb the ranks to become the ultimate Goober Dash champion. Collect medals for performing well in these time trials and showcase your achievements as a testament to your Goober racing prowess.

Key Features


  • Fast-paced multiplayer platforming

  • Up to 32 real players in each race

  • Cross-platform play

  • Custom Races with friends

  • Daily global timed challenges

  • Unlockable Customization for your Goober

  • Full Course Creator/Editor

  • Share your Courses and get them in the game

goober at work



WINTERPIXEL GAMES is a studio founded by 3 industry veteran game developers determined to bring people together through online gaming.​

Being the original founders of the game studio and publisher Noodlecake Studios, we're drawing on over a decade of experience at building casual online multiplayer games for web and mobile(Super Stickman Golf series and Golf Blitz).  Our games at Winterpixel are built on open source projects such as godot, agones, and nakama

If there is one thing for certain in this world, it's that gamedev is hard.  Even more so when you throw in game networking & online competition into the equation.  But at the end of the day it's just a ton of fun when you can play your friends online, and these are exactly the kinds of experiences we're building at Winterpixel.



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